3 Reasons You Should Own a Pair of Glasses

A pair of glasses with gold colour handle
One of the truest statements I’ve heard people say around me is “looking good is good business”.
To be honest with you, I wouldn’t say that I’m the most fashionable person. The reason being that, there are more times when I’m not in the mood to “slay” compared to when I am.
I’m more of the “super-comfy life” type. Can you relate?
Man, that life is just so easy and chilled, and I just love it. But what if, you also love fashion and love looking good?
I mean, it’s relaxing and time-saving to just throw-on the first piece of clothing you see in your wardrobe and dash off to wherever you’re going rather than having to spend additional time putting together the picture-perfect set of clothing and accessories capable of making even a fashion blogger doubt his or her knowledge of the latest trend in the fashion industry.
What’s the way forward if slaying every day of the week is not your greatest strength yet you would love to look good all through the week?
There is a tiny little tip that has really helped me and I’m beyond happy to share it with you. And what’s that tip? - Glasses!
Yes, that easy.
Gorgeous, super-stylish and sophisticated frames have proven to be lifesavers in helping a person go from bland to glam. And have even helped in changing the previous notion surrounding the word “Nerd”.
A lot of your fave celebs like Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Jennifer Aniston, Oprah and so on have also been spotted rocking some of the coolest frames, and pop Icon Gwen Stefani proves how useful and fashion-relevant glasses are in her line of fashion-forward eyewear.
Secondly, if you have small eyes, wearing a pair of stylish glasses that suit the shape of your face makes it less obvious. I know someone who adopts this, and you wouldn't know the eyes are small till the glasses are taken off.
"Big sunglasses hides all sins". While it's true that sunglasses can be worn to keep others from seeing a red-eye, a swollen eye or just anything you’re not comfortable with letting others see on your eyes, the right pair of clear glasses with a frame that works for the shape of your face can also prove resourceful in hiding certain things on your eyes. For example, let’s say you worked late till about 3 am (or even later), chances are you'll wake up with eye bags. Now, imagine you have to attend an urgent meeting around 7 to 8 am, you wouldn't want to get to that meeting and have everyone asking you if everything’s alright with you – because you’ve got eye bags. So, that's where the frames come in! When you wear a pair of glasses, it sorts of makes certain things on your eyes or around your eyes less obvious.
Personally, I’m nocturnal and just find it easy to work and get things done at night. The result of this is that I end up waking up with eye bags because I still must get up early in order to attend to other things.
There are still other reasons why you should own at least a pair of glasses but for today, I'll rest my Pen (or shall I say keyboard? :D) here
Remember, you don’t need to be a fashionista or a “slay queen” (or slay papi) to look good. Also, you don’t need a lot of money to get a pair (or two) of really cool frames to take you from bland to glam. It doesn’t have to be a “designer”.
The goal is to maintain your sophistication while remaining super-comfy. It’s not to break the bank!

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