Valentine's Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special


Valentine is fast approaching, yayyy! 

Have you decided on what to get for bae? Do you need help choosing the right and perfect gift? Or are you looking for an additional item to add to spice things up a lil’ bit? 

You are in luck! Here is a list of curated valentine gift items and ideas that can stir up excitement and deliver happiness to your S.O, children, friends and relatives.

  1. Chocolates: Yes! Yes! Yes! Chocolate whether presented in the form of ice-cream, dessert cake, or simply chocolate bar has been inspiring joy, happiness, and excitement for so many years. Chocolates are like a secret ingredient with a superpower. You may wonder, how do you know this? It’s easy. I’ll tell you. Have you ever come across a short video of a cone or cup of ice-cream on Instagram (or Facebook) by a popular ice-cream brand? Have you noticed the way their audience engage and post comments like “I want” on those kinds of posts, even though they may not engage or react as much on non-chocolate posts/content? That’s part of the power and effect chocolates have on the human race :D ….Chocolates are very tempting and are widely loved by many. A box of chocolates is a sweet gesture and can mean a lot to someone who loves them. Albeit, there are a few people who are not into chocolate. So you may want to confirm that the person you’re buying it for is the chocolate-type. 

  2. Flowers: I know Nigeria doesn’t seem like the place where the majority of the residents fancy flowers or the idea of fresh flower bouquets as gifts. But hey, things are changing. New and fresh ideas are being welcomed, and there is progress. There are restaurants and places within the country that people simply visit because of the ambiance, and/or floral décor. And yes, flowers are a sweet and romantic gesture. You may just want to back it up with one or more extra gift items if you can.

  3. Perfume: Everyone should smell good. Smelling good in my own opinion is like a civic responsibility. You ensure you smell good for caring for your body and, for the benefit of those around you. Have you ever been around someone with a body odor or some foul smell? Geez! it’s like harassment on your senses (your sense of smell). In that regard, as far as I’m concerned, a bottle of a good perfume is always a pleasant and useful gift. It all then depends on how much you’re willing to spend. There various categories, do you want to go for a premium designer brand perfume or a less expensive medium brand perfume. It’s up to you to decide.

  4. Jewelry: A clever way to wow your significant other this valentine's is to get high-quality jewelry. There are different kinds of jewelry items to consider. Examples include a necklace, wristwatch, a pair of authentic gold or silver earrings, a bracelet, etc.

  5. Sunglasses & Eyewear: Billions of people all over the world wear glasses. If they are not using it to correct or improve their vision, they are accessorizing with it for fashion. Owning at least a pair of sunglasses is common practice in this time and era, we all should have it. A great way to show your love and put a smile on the face or faces of the people you care about is by gifting them a pair of sunglasses or eyewear presented in a befitting box or pouch, accompanied with some chocolate. This is affordable and super easy. Luckily, we can take care of it for you. As you know, Dazzle Collectibles is a leading online eyewear retailer in Nigeria, majority of our products are shipped from abroad and sold at super affordable rates. Check out our sunglasses collection and the optical collection. There are various unique, fun, and age-appropriate products for you to choose from. You can also decide to give your beloved the privilege of choosing the eyewear of his/her choice by purchasing one of our gift cards for him or her. With the special code that comes with the gift card, the person can shop for whatever they like on our website at zero costs. All he/she needs to do is enter the unique code at check-out.

  6. Food / Pastry: I haven’t heard of any human being whether young or old who doesn’t like a well-prepared, delicious meal. Everyone loves good food. A sure and recommended way to reach the heart of your beloved is through good food. And, this doesn’t only apply to your significant other but also your kids, your parents, your siblings, your friends, and those that matter to you. There is so many online food delivery service out there that you can use, so you don’t need to go through any physical stress. 

  1. Leather Goods (Bag, Wallet, Shoes, Belt): Every lady desires to have quality bags. A good way to make her feel special is to buy her high-quality leather bag. It could be a handbag or a cross-body bag. You could also get her a wallet. Men also deserve quality leather products. Examples are; shoes, belt, wallet, leather office bag/briefcase and so on.

  1. Books: The value of a good book is priceless. If you are a lover of books, you’ll agree that good books never age (I’m not talking about the paper /hardcover). Many books were written hundreds, and decades ago are still being read and referred to for teaching, research, decision-making, and relaxation purposes. Books are truly valuable and priceless, and their importance is understood and appreciated by those who know their worth. Of course, not everyone is a fan of reading but if your partner is the reading type, then buying her/him some really good books is worth considering. (SideBar: You may want to consider buying the person a new book from his/her favorite author and/or genre. Or a book he/she has probably hinted to you about that he/she would love to have.)

  1. Clothing Accessories: Accessories like a bow-tie, necktie, pocket square, scarf, and handkerchief by a premium brand can go a long way and make someone who knows the worth of these things feel special and appreciated. 

  2. Cosmetic/Beauty Products: The majority of women love to look good. I mean, looking good is good business. When a woman looks good and presents herself well, there’s a level of respect that she commands automatically, without even saying anything. This is a great choice of gift.

  3. Automobile: Over and over again, we see posts on social media about how someone got their mama a new whip (car) or how their friend was surprised with a brand new car. Well, you could do that for your significant other or your adult children, if you have the money. It’s a very good gesture.

  4. Tickets: Getting tickets to go see a movie, attend a concert or visit a place you and your partner is a smooth way to make Valentine’s Day special for the both of you. I think it’s super romantic and special when you have good food and drinks to accompany it ;)

  5. Dinner / Date: What is Valentine’s Day without a date or dinner? Absolutely, incomplete. It’s just not the same. Well, this year may not permit many to go out to public places due to the coronavirus pandemic. But, who says you can’t have a simple romantic dinner or date night in your own home? You can. All it requires is a little bit of creativity.

There are so many things that you can do to make Valentine’s day special for your significant other and loved ones, these are just a few tips to guide and inspire you. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to making humans feel special, loved, or appreciated since we are all unique and different. However, the options listed above are some common gift ideas that have proven useful or successful for many. Wishing you success and a happy valentine’s day in advance!

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